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Katie Kretchmar

Current Position Title or Avocation: Graduate Student

Current Professional Institution: University of Florida

Phone: 817-896-4646


Web address:

Facebook name: Katie Kretchmar



Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography from Texas Christian University 2011


Key Professional Appointments

Self-employed photo sessions

-        Wedding

-        Portraits


Professional Associations

Society for Photographic Education

National Art Education Association


Selected Works


Leadership, Grants, and Recognitions

Art Org, Texas Christian University, Treasurer 2011

Academic Scholarship

Graduated Magna Cum Laude


Research Interests

-Special Education


-Assessment methods


Creative & Research Biography

Katie received her BFA from Texas Christian University in 2011. She is currently earning her masters in Art Education at the University of Florida. Katie’s research interests include such topics as: (1) better methods of assessment in the arts as well as in other subjects; (2) connecting adult artists with their inner childhood in order to help the adult with creative expression; (3) The use of art to help develop the self-esteem and self-control of all populations, but with particular emphasis on the orthopedically impaired and intellectually disabled; and (4) the importance of art and color as it relates to the creation of an atmosphere.  Katie’s art focuses on the investigation of fantasy and innocence by overlapping and manipulating multiple images through technology to invoke questions about ones’ self-identity and play. Katie’s future goals include educating people of all ages on the importance of creative expression while helping develop identity exploration, high self-esteem, high self-control, and high self-determination.