Extended Version of ‘They Wont Let Me Out, But I Can Always Travel With My Memories’

Brooklyn Art Incubator is an organization that provides art classes for all ages, including senior citizens giving them the opportunity to learn about different art techniques and processes.

Engage is an organization that provides onsite affordable art programs to low income seniors.

Art Therapy resource page- how to get a degree in art therapy, current news articles, schools and programs, and other resources for those interested in learning more about art therapy.

Sample art programs for seniors, how to get a senior art program started, funding strategies, and troubleshooting tips.

This website is all about SCA (Seniors Creating Art), which offers free 8 week art programs for senior citizens.

Tips and information about Art Therapy, tips for running an engaging art program, and senior citizen centers who offer art programs in their facilities.

National Institute on Aging – Guide to everything health and aging related.

Paper discussing the impact of the Good Times Programme model for art and seniors.

Gerontology articles, journals, memberships, meetings, resources, careers, etc. for anyone wanting more information on gerontology.

Institute of gerontology dedicates research in social and behavior sciences to issues of aging and urban health.

Journals of Gerontology website, so you can read more about Gerontology and what current researchers are discovering.

Association for gerontology in higher education strives to advance gerontology education in academic institutions and to provide leadership and support for students and faculty in the gerontology fields in educational institutes.